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april the 7th 2011 i recieved a check from marilyn bank from the secret shopper in madison alabama. the check was in the amount of 1,985.23, i took this check to the bank to deposit it, but i told the branch manager to check out the check first. im so glad i did that, it wasnt worth the paper it was printed on. i sent marilyn bank an email explaining to her how happy she made me, and i told her shame on her, and what she's doing to people... Read more

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I am writing to warn all consumers of a scam that I have been victimized by. Please if you ever receive a letter from Secret Shopper USA do not follow the instructions in the letter. This is a scam and I had to find out the hard way. They are scam artists from Canada, they use legitamite companies information to deceive you. Do not cash any checks that they send you. They are bogus and you will be on the hook for the funds. Lets all put... Read more

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I also applied to work as a mystery shopper but when I deposited the 4800.00 check into my bank, it came back as Fraudulant. Someone needs to do something about these phonie ***. i called an ad that was in the Slidell, Louisiana, free magazine that are on the racks in all the stores. They sell things for individuals in the community. I thought it sounded lagit, but in the end I got burned. I spent 37.00 to western union this check to an out of... Read more

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I replied to an advertisement in the Newspaper for a secret shopper. I was promised a minimum of 50.00 for each and told with a membership I would receive 100.00 in free gas, free vacation and 360.00 in free coupons. I have yet to see anything promised, and the Secret Shopper was nothing like I was told. They were sure quick to take my money, and I have yet to get a hold of someone to cancel my membership. In my opinion Pro Shoppers online is a... Read more

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